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Meet the Author Jodi Reedy

Meet the Author Jodi Reedy

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Meet the Author David Lavin

Meet the Author David Lavin

Multi-hospital health system


A multi-hospital health system wanted to continue efforts to consolidate the patient financial services function of one hospital into their growing centralized business office (“CBO”). 

The functions being consolidated included billing, collections, customer service, cash services, financial assistance programs, reporting and vendor management.  The challenge i3 faced was to integrate vastly different processes, policies and technologies within a timeframe that accommodated rapidly increasing staffing attrition and maintained performance expectations.


i3 began by performing discovery sessions to document and process flow all the components (people, processes, and technology) involved in the revenue cycle processes being performed at the hospital being integrated into the CBO. Once this foundation was complete, i3 designed project transition plans for each area to meet leadership’s timeframe for integration.  These plans had to be quickly amended to adapt to rapidly increasing attrition rates within the migrating hospital. Each task was assigned to an accountable party to complete and weekly update sessions were held between the two organizations to ensure that timelines were met and no slippage occurred in managing the receivable.  i3 was critical to maintaining strong communication with each accountable party to ensure each piece was on track to meet deadlines. i3 brought together key leaders from both the CBO and the hospital to discuss issues and challenges, while recommending solutions that would provide the CBO with confidence in the transition process.

A key component of transition revolved around standardizing vendor usage and management.   Contractual language needed to be fully understood on both sides to ensure a smooth transition. i3 also assisted with cataloging all electronic files, both inbound and outbound, to the vendors to keep processes moving with legacy vendors while transitioning to the existing vendors at the CBO. 

The successful integration of the hospital into the CBO has led the health system to recognize several synergies of processes and standardization of financial metrics across hospitals located in the central business office. They also enjoyed continued stable financial performance through this transition.