Revenue Cycle Optimization

Meet the Author David Lavin

Meet the Author David Lavin

Client Profile:

225 bed hospital in the Mid-Atlantic


A rural 225 bed hospital in the Mid-Atlantic saw sharply declining revenue cycle performance from hasty decision making in several areas following management turnover.

i3 performed a rapid assessment of the hospital's revenue cycle and quickly identified areas of improvement. Though a number of areas were identified, the hospital chose to target a few in the current fiscal year, refine those over time and tackle other improvements down the road. The assessment quickly turned into an implementation. i3 worked with the client to lead major implementation projects of electronic cash posting solutions, web-based work-flow tools including denial management, and real-time reporting tools within a six month period. i3 also mentored the management and staff, in shock from the changes, with the ability to manage with data and quickly provide key senior leadership with the right data.


The hospital saw a 5 day drop in their DRO, and a $12.8M yield from improvements in gross collection rates from the previous fiscal year, and an additional $5.6M yield in the current fiscal year.