CDM Clean and Supplies Process Improvement

i3 was engaged by a Maryland-based, multi-facility health system to transform its 3 facility chargemaster from a one-to-many relationship to a one-to-one relationship for supplies.

The result is more reliable pricing, reduced free text, improved control over active supplies, and better communication with the supplies department.

This included:

  1. Identifying cost on all existing supplies

  2. Creating markup formulas for each facility’s particular markups

  3. Instituting build policies based on chargeable criteria

  4. Designing a “New Item Creation Process” to facilitate communication from supplies team to charge build team

One of the biggest challenges implementing this change was managing the transition from the supplies team coordinating build with OR team members on a “a la carte” basis to coordinating item creation with the charge build team for all chargeable items. Building all chargeable supplies required an increase in cost fidelity and a large increase in supply build volume, stressing the understaffed supplies department. The solution was not a technical one, rather a soft-skills approach to managing expectations and leading with empathy. The two teams were able to establish a working relationship based around accomplishing the actual job that required compromise on both sides. The result has been happier teams, and and a much swifter, more accurate build process.