Revenue Cycle Optimization

Design Performance Improvement solutions

In an increasingly cost-focused environment, it has never been more important to identify inefficient processes and address them with sustainable, proactive solutions. i3 identifies improvement opportunities and executes on a collective plan, while tracking and providing feedback on an ongoing basis.  We leverage the following suite of tools to fill in the blanks:

Performance Management

  • Measurement- Key Indicators, Calculation Methods, Information Sources, Baselines, Targets, Alignment with Strategic Directives

  • Reporting- Reports Generated, Tiered Reports, Communication, Frequency

  • Integration with Operations- Use of Indicators and Reports for Operational use, Action Planning and Resolution Strategies

Enterprise Strategies

  • Consolidation- Infrastructure, Management, Technology, Scalability

  • Standardization- Processes, Code Sets, Transaction Sets, Reporting

  • Redesign- Processes, Infrastructure, Policies, Tools

  • Automation- Core Processes, Sub-Processes, New Processes 

Managed Services

  • Receivables Outsourcing- Strategy, Ongoing Monitoring

  • Vendor Management- Quantity of Vendors, Vendor Scoring, Relationship Management, Selection, Contracting

  • Business Process Outsourcing- Process Beginning and End, Responsibilities Matrix, Performance Targets, Operating Agreements/Contracts, Data Management

Turnaround Services

  • Unbilled Management- Aged Unbilled Receivables Reduction, Coding Backlog Reduction

  • Cash Acceleration- Aged Receivables Reduction, Payor Strategies, Write-off Analysis, Outsource Strategies, Reporting, Tools, Denial Management, Payment Variance

  • Interim Management- Strategic Departmental Leadership, Status Reporting, Resolution Strategies


  • Service Areas- Point of Service (POS) Collections, Scheduling, Insurance Verification, Financial Counseling, Coding training for non-certified coding staff

  • Clinical Staff- Charge ticket completion and order entry management, medical necessity and coding documentation

  • Business Office- Billing, Collections / Follow-Up, Customer Service, Cash Applications

  • Systems- Order Entry, Patient Management, Patient Accounting, Add-On Systems, Electronic Billing

  • Revenue Management- Key Revenue Processes, Basic Revenue Operations